Sustainability at IPL

The responsibility to care for the environment remains shared across human civilisation.

We focus on three main principles of sustainability within the flexible packaging sector: Recycling, Biodegradable Technologies, and Community Education.

Compliance with Tanzanian health and safety protocols.

In-house recycling plant to reduce waste

"Keep City Clean" slogan on all products to improve awareness

Superior films to decrease decay effect

Intelligent sourcing of biodegradable materials to prevent environmental harm

Global research and development partnerships to stay up-to-date on material science.

d2w: Oxo-Biodegradable Technology

An environmentally responsible solution for your plastic product, film, or packaging needs.

Products made with d2w biodegradable technology look and feel like conventional plastic. The difference is that if a bag or packaging made with d2w escapes collection and ends up as litter in the open environment, it will degrade and biodegrade in a continuous, irreversible and unstoppable process until there is nothing left. it biodegrades in the same way as nature’s wastes, without leaving toxic residues or microplastics behind.

Industrial Plastics Limited is proud to be employing this technology in our packaging solutions.

The d2w accelerates the natural process of oxidation until the product is no longer a plastic and has become a material which can be bio-assimilated (i.e. used as a food source) by bacteria and fungi on land or sea.

Food Safe Packaging

Industrial Packaging Limited offers global standard food safe packaging. Our products are designed and tested for food contact to ensure safe consumption.

Industrial Packaging Limited - Food Safe Packaging

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