About Us

With over 25 years of combined manufacturing expertise; IPL stands at the forefront of delivering Packaging Solutions to our clientele. We pride ourselves on ensuring client satisfaction though both our professional expertise and dedicated customer support. IPL offers a complete packaging solution to our existing and potential partners with continuous investment in the most advanced film manufacturing and printing technologies, enabling us to produce a diverse range of films catering to a wide spectrum of quality products.

Quality Assuarance

Quality packaging solutions is at the core of our business model. IPL assures our client's satisfaction by delivering quality at every stage. In conjuncture with our internal comprehensive quality care manual that contains our written policies and procedures. Our quality assurance program operates within the framework which ensures that corrective actions are identified, acted on and learned from so that our in-house quality continuously improves.

Environmental Policy

As a leading manufacturer in Tanzania; East Africa - IPL take's the role of environmental protection very seriously.
Our "Keep City Clean" campaign accompanied by our very own recycling plant means that nothing is discarded or wasted. In addition our unique mechanically superior films give your products the edge in content of recyclable properties.

Our Corparate Mission

Our mission is to provide high quality packaging & labelling materials. We take pride in every item we produce and are committed to the industries & clients we serve.
Industrial Packaging Limited - The Solution to Your Packaging Needs.